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The information provided on this and subsequent pages is in reference to the August, 2000 UNIMUN Conference. 


  • Dates: Substantive Briefings - August 10, 2000; Conference - August 11-13, 2000.
  • Participants: UNIMUN is open to all collegiate/university level students and to all staff members of MUN conferences at a minimum college level.
  • Delegations: Representatives may register as individuals (to be possibly matched later with a delegation partner) or as part of a full delegation.
  • Simulated Committees: General Assembly Plenary, Economic and Social Council Plenary, Security Council and Historical Security Council (1956).
  • Language: UNIMUN welcomes a diverse groups of participants from many different countries; however, all official UNIMUN sessions will be conducted in English.
  • Cost: $185 (US) per person (covers full registration and all events at the UN).
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